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Thursday, January 11, 2007
my new story
My mom said that I should post this story called:
Emma and the Magical Forest

Once upon a time,
There lived a beautiful young girl named Emma' she lived all alone in a forest. Next to the forest, there was a village. Moreover, all the villagers said that the forest had magical creatures in the forest. However, Emma did not believe them at all. Almost every day she went into the forest, to find wild fruit to eat. People always said that she should move to the village. However, she loved the forest and could never leave. However, one-day she was picking wild fruits in the forest and something was shuffling in the bushes right beside her! At first, she did not notice. However, it was growing louder and louder than she realized that something was in the bushes. Finally, a strange foal with a horn on her head stumbled out of the bushes Emma screamed of surprise. She stood there looking at her for a moment, and than a beautiful horse with a horn on her head came walking through the bushes! In addition, she stopped and looked suspiciously at Emma, and then moved towards the foal. That night she could not get to sleep, “Maybe I should move …well I will decide in the morning. She said. Then she went to sleep. In the morning, she had forgotten about last night. So she did not think about moving to the village. Day after day, she went into the forest, and she did not see anything unusual, so she was beginning to think that it was just her imagination. One day she was picking berries and the mother unicorn came calmly walking out of the bushes and was eating the berries write next to her!

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