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Thursday, July 27, 2006
Part two...
Moreover, she was always very helpful. However, one -day she heard someone cry for help! She rushed to the edge of fairyland, and saw one of her little friends holding on to the edge the cloud!
After she pulled her up, she was so close to the edge that she fell off! She fluttered down like a butterfly with wet wings.
Then something huge picked her up and put her in a jar. You have to understand that fairies (even small ones,) can sense feelings so she knew that the giant did not mean to scare her.
The giant set her down very gently in the jar and went to her house. She put her in a little cage and gave her a spoon full of honey, a little bit of chocolate and a little cloth for a blanket
Hmm this giant seems to know a lot about what fairies like, she thought to herself.
ill bet she is not going to be able to understand me. She thought. However, what if she can understand maybe shell let me go. How will I get back to fairyland? She asked herself. Moreover, just then she saw a
Pixie man looking for her!
However, he did not see her, she screamed and rattled the cage but it was no uFinally, she gave up if he doesn't see her how will she get out. How will I ever get out of here?

to be continued

  posted at 7:47 AM

At 1:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, that's a pretty good story, and so well-written, especially for a kid. you must read a lot!

At 6:33 PM, Blogger LydiaMae said...

we sort of read alot and thanks!


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