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Monday, July 31, 2006
Katy And The Mystical Creatures
By: Lydia. M.C.
Once upon a time,
There was a little girl named Katy, she is about ten. Her little sister Emily is seven and her little brother Eric is seven. Emily and Eric are twins!
And her mom her little sister and her little brother were very poor they only had enough for two small meals’ a day. So one-day Katy’s mom told her that she needed to go to the market. And she needed Katy to watch her brother and sister until she got home from the market. After a little while Katy’s mom got home she had bought five loafs of bread!! The next day while Katy was out picking flowers for her mom she saw a horse but it had a horn on her head! A unicorn! She said. Then Katy noticed that she has two colts behind her! A hunter is trying to hunt us down to make us tell where we hid thousands of jewels. That the fairy queen gave to us to hide from the hunter. And now he is trying to catch us to make us tell were we hid the jewels!...

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