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Monday, February 26, 2007
A new story
Bethany and the Dragon

By: Lydia.m.c

Chapter 1

Once upon a time,
There lived a beautiful young girl named Bethany. She was 13 years of age. She lived all alone. The way she got her food was she made a garden, and she had a few bows and she made her own arrows. In addition, she went into the woods and picked berries. One day she was out looking for berries to trade for bread because she had none, but instead of ordinary berries, she found something very strange. Around the bush butterflies swarmed. Moreover, the berries sparkled in the light.
When she had picked a basket full of berries, she went home.
The next day she went to pick more berries and when she had picked a basket full of berries ... a huge dragon stepped out from behind it! Bethany was too scared to scream.
The dragon was one hundred feet tall and fifty feet tall!

Chapter 2

When she could finally move, she started to run back to her house. However, the dragon quickly got and easily got in front of her.
She had to stop to keep from running into the dragon. The huge dragon drew itself all the way up to its full height. Then in a booming voice said: “Why have you stolen berries from my magic berry bush?”
“I-I did not now this berry bush belonged to you and I did not now that these are magic berries.”
Bethany stammered.
“You must come and live with me for three years in my cave. After three years you may return to your home but if you try to escape then you must stay for three more years. I will give you an hour to get ready; if you are not back in an hour I will go to your house and drag you to my cave.” Bethany hurried home and snatched all her clothes and was back in hour.

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